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12. You're right! It's not that interesing yet! Use the middle mouse buton to orbit the
view, so you can see the square in 3D.
13. From the Outliner , select the component called Map_Base_2D . Now, use the Move
tool to move it up along the blue axis out of the way, say 30 or 40 meters.
14. Select your grid, right click and select Flip Along ¦ Group's Blue .
What just happened?
You now have your grid and flat rectangle on top of each other. The grid will form your
final terrain. The flat rectangle will contain only the plan's layout drawing. The reason
you have placed a copy of it over the grid is because you will later be able to project
geometry from it into your terrain. Your grid is 100x100 square meters, made up of a
50m tall by 50m wide grid of 2 squares. The reason you flipped the grid over is because
the blue side was at the uppermost side. That's the back side, as you discovered in
Chapter 4 , Wooden Pallet: Modeling .
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